Monthly Archives: September 2019

Ski green!

Green and skiing aren’t necessarily two words that naturally go together, we are not talking about skiing on grass, rather ‘green holidays’ that are becoming all the rage.   Following on from the climate protests last Friday, which were held not only all over the country but globally as well, we can see the importance …..

Summer cycling trip by James P-T

I had to drive out to Klosters in mid June with a bit of kit and to run a couple of small errands. It wouldn’t have been worth the effort if I was not obliged to go. I then alighted on the brainwave of suggesting to a couple of friends, Jonathan Botting and Ed Kilwick, …..

Season Opener

The ski lifts are planned to open for weekends from 8 November, with continuous operation from 21 November. For PT Ski, our season isn’t scheduled to start until mid December and we will be running our “Open the Season with James P-T” long weekend from Wednesday 18 December to Sunday 22 December. James is looking …..