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An interview with the PT Ski panda

Nestled amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Madrisa there exists a figure of whimsy and wonder—a creature as rare as a cloudy day and as spirited as a slalom racer – the PT Ski Panda! Iona, who works in our London office, met with the Panda to hear all about the highlights of the 2023/24 season.


Iona: Morning Panda, we are thrilled to have you here. Let’s dive right in, what is it like taking part in a PT Ski Kids week?


Panda: Morning! Being part of a PT Ski Kids week is a pint-sized pocket rocket’s dream come true! The day is kickstarted as I meet the mighty Pandas group and we all head up the mountain. The bubble up is filled with invigorating debates over whether breakfast pancakes are better with syrup or chocolate. There is usually mutual agreement that both, at the same time, is the only sensible option.


Skis on feet and racing googles on we hit the slopes. The instructors fill our days with games and races, and of course the occasional snowball fight.


Iona: That sounds so fun! You must have built up quite an appetite after all of that, what does a Panda have to eat?


Panda: I put the bamboo to the side in favour of a well-deserved a chocolate biscuit. Washed down with a cup of juice and followed up with a quick game of Dobble, I am ready to get back to my skis.


Iona: Sounds amazing! What would you say is your favourite part of the PT Ski kids week?


Panda: Probably the races at the end, it is so amazing to think of us all on the magic carpet on day one, and only 5 days later tearing down the mountain! Everyone smiling all the way.


Iona: Some of the children accuse you of being a human in disguise because you have pockets in your coat. How do you respond to that?


Panda: Well, just like kangaroos have pouches for their young, I have pockets for my sweets (Panda giggles).


Iona: Thank you so much. One final question, if you were King of the Mountains for one day, what would you choose to do?


Panda: Easy, all snowmen would be snow pandas, poles would be made of Bamboo, and it would be winter every day!


Iona: I completely agree! Thank you, Panda, we will see you next season!