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Inside Tracks

1k Vertical

For the first time in a while a complete new run has been added to the piste map. The 1k Vertical on the Jakobsorn is a fabulous top to bottom black run which as its name suggests involves a vertical drop of 1000m. It starts at top cable car station and descends immediately steeply down the existing black piste where in early season the Swiss team like to practice their Downhill and SuperG skills. At the bottom of the first pitch it levels out allowing for fast carving turns on the immaculately groomed piste before joining the Usser Isch piste taking you down to the bottom of that chairlift. So far nothing new, but it is what happens next which is so exciting.


The run now goes directly under the Fuxagufer chairlift where the forest has been cleared to make way for skiers. It is a wonderfully challenging bit of mountain, steep and undulating which feels like it goes on for ever. As you approach the end there is a sense of relief when you feel the hard work is done, but as you round the last turn you are confronted with probably the steepest bit of piste in the whole ski area. It is certainly not for the fainthearted and once started you're not stopping until you reach the bottom, whether upright or on your bum!


This is a great addition to the skiing not only on the Jakobshorn but also for the Davos Klosters ski area generally. It is unquestionably one of the best runs in the area and a must for all good skiers visiting the area.