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Travelling during COVID-19

How your holiday may be different this year

(to be updated for the 2021/22 season shortly)

We want to make every effort possible to ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible despite any local restrictions that may be in place during your time with us in Klosters. We highlight below some of the main differences from your normal skiing holiday that you might notice. These may evolve over the season as the situation in Switzerland changes and we will update this page at regular intervals.

As in the UK, masks must be worn in enclosed public areas, such as shops, public transport and in your hotel. These are mandatory for those over 12 years old; masks are also required when you are in vehicles such as a PT Ski minibus or taxi.

In your hotel you may notice a few changes. Tables in the restaurant will be more spaced out or may have partitions between them. It will be table service only in the restaurant and bar. Once seated you may remove your mask; however, when moving around the hotel a mask must be worn. The hotel swimming pool and spa areas will restrict the number of people at any one time.

From 22 December all restaurants and bars will close for one month. Hotel restaurants will remain open for their guests and takeaway will be available from other restaurants. (Updated 18 Dec) As of 2 January mountain restaurants have been able to open their outside terraces for takeaway food and drinks, with a max of 4 people per table.

Thankfully as skiing is an outdoor activity, the most crucial part of your holiday will remain largely unchanged. For the cable cars to get up the mountain you will need to social distance should there be a queue and wear a mask once inside the building and in the cable car; social distancing is not required in the cable car as masks suffice. Cable cars are currently operating at 2/3rds capacity. Other lifts such as 4/6 person bubbles, chairlifts and T-bars also require the wearing of masks in the queue and on the lift (updated 1 Nov). From 18 December sporting activities (including skiing) are limited to groups of 5 people, exceptions are made for families with children under 16.

We will be also be able to offer our full piste hosting service, which we know our guests will value. However rather than getting the opportunity of being hosted by all of reps, to minimise the risks we will assign one rep to your group who will be your point of contact throughout your time in Klosters and piste host as required. Our reps will always wear masks where social distancing is not possible.

A further feature of piste hosting that guests enjoy is to ski with and meet other PT Ski guests who are in Klosters and this we have given careful consideration to. Guests will now be asked before they travel whether this is something that they would be comfortable with and only guests who have signed up for it will be invited to make up a larger group.

***For those who would prefer it, we can offer “Covid Cautious” piste hosting, whereby our reps will social distance/wear masks as appropriate so you are never deemed to have made “close contact”. They will ski with you to lunch and then pick you up again when you have finished to ski with you in the afternoon (and similarly if you stop for a coffee or hot chocolate)***

As our Covid piste hosting measures may result in smaller group sizes it may be that our ambition of hosting guests on at least half the days they are on holiday with us will prove challenging.

If you are part of a PT Ski off piste weekend, due to the nature of the trip it will not possible to social distance from the other guests for the entirety of the weekend. Therefore in fairness to the rest of the group we will ask all guests to provide proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours of arrival in Switzerland.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the differences you will encounter, and nor does it cover all the measures put in place for the safety of our guests and staff to minimise exposure to COVID-19. Hopefully though it will give you a sufficient overview and if you would like further information then please do not hesitate to call us on 020 7736 5557 or email

Quarantine (updated 6 Jan)

From 15 December the requirement to quarantine for 10 days when travelling to the UK from Switzerland can be reduced to 5 days with a negative test. A list of Government approved providers for the Test to Release scheme can be found here.

Since 21 December visitors to Switzerland from the UK are required to quarantine for 10 days.

What happens if you develop symptoms for COVID-19 during your stay?

Should you develop any symptoms of COVID during your stay you will need to get tested and our reps will be able to help you to arrange this. If the test comes back positive, then you and anyone you have been in close contact with over the preceding 48 hours before symptoms developed will have to self-isolate in their hotel room for 10 days. We would of course help make arrangements for your extra stay with the hotel, the cost of which will need to be covered by you. It may be possible to claim for this on your insurance if you have appropriate COVID cover. Additionally, we would notify you if we believed you had been in close contact with a third party who subsequently tested positive.