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Protect Our Winters (POW)

Join Protect Our Winters UK and SEND IT for climate! 



In the outdoor community, to ‘Send It’ means to fully commit to a bold goal and not give up until it is achieved. As passionate outdoor people, we can all help to effect change and protect the environment, alongside the outdoor sports that we love.


Protect Our Winters (POW) is an outdoor climate action charity, helping people who are passionate about the outdoors effectively advocate to achieve systematic solutions to the climate crisis. To achieve this, POW delivers community education and engagement programmes, organisational climate action support, and campaign for systematic policy solutions.



POW asks that the next UK Government fully commits to getting UK policy on track for Net Zero, and our interim Carbon Budgets by committing to these deliverables in the next general election party manifestos:


-Phasing out fossil fuels, including ending new extraction and the Maximise Economic Recovery policy within one year of forming the next Government.


-Unblocking onshore wind, setting up a taskforce and installation targets within one year of forming the Government.


-Providing greater resilience for those with at-risk electrical grids, including unblocking community energy projects and stronger support for insulation improvements.


-Delivering improved public transport cost and resilience, especially to rural recreational areas.


-Delivering Just Transition job support for those in at-risk rural tourism industries.


The Climate Change Committee 2023 Progress Report released earlier this year showed that these deliverables are critical and not progressing sufficiently.  This divergence from the 2050 target of Net Zero has extreme impacts for everybody, including the winter sports community.


In order to ensure strong decision making across government, and the capability to take account of all group’s needs, we also request commitment that:


-All ministers and shadow ministers become certified Carbon Literate within three months of taking post.


-The Government listens to the outdoor industry and community when delivering its Net Zero plans by setting up an Advisory Council for the just transition of remote & outdoor communities, to include both industry and community representatives.


How can you get involved?

The next elected UK government must make policy commitments that get us back on track to net zero. Policy commitments start with party manifestos, and you have the power to make change! It is important that we band together as a passionate, loud community to collectively put pressure on policymakers to make the most effective changes.


POW aims to get the entire outdoor and mountain community to send a prepaid postcard to stand up for the places we love! The hard part has been done, and their postcards outline the policy commitments needed to get us back on track to net zero. All you need to do is fill in the blank sections of the card and POW will deliver them to the relevant ministers.


Send a postcard and get the UK back on track to net zero: