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Ladies Off Piste Weekend

Introducing our first ever Ladies Off Piste Weekend, which will run from 20-24 March 2019.

Last year on our January Freeride weekend it turned out that one of the groups comprised entirely of ladies. They completely loved it and suggested that we adopt this as a format for an off piste weekend on its own. Ladies often have a different approach to skiing than men and can be put off by the competitiveness that men can bring to a ski group. They like to enjoy the mountains at their own pace away from the pressures of having to ski fast or keep up, and not worry that they are going to be judged if they fall over and hold the group up. They are very supportive of one another and genuinely pleased to see each other ski well and improve. We think this is an excellent idea and are delighted to be incorporating it into our off piste portfolio. For more information call us on 02077365557 or email