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Upcoming exhibition of Oliver Akers Douglas’ painting of Klosters : 21 March – 13 April 2020.  

PT Ski

We are often asked what time of year is best for skiing and what characterises the different times of the winter. Every resort is slightly different with its own idiosyncrasies. For PT Ski in Klosters our experience is as follows:   Pre Christmas   Although the lifts open in mid to late November our season …..

PT Ski

The week before last saw the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival take place in London.  Despite living and breathing skiing all year long, this is a real indicator that the season is almost here! With Mount Battersea standing at 50 feet outside it certainly did feel like we were in the mountains, only a little …..

Snowfarming (Photo:Destination Davos Klosters/Marcel Giger)

Green and skiing aren’t necessarily two words that naturally go together, we are not talking about skiing on grass, rather ‘green holidays’ that are becoming all the rage.   Following on from the climate protests last Friday, which were held not only all over the country but globally as well, we can see the importance …..

Klosters cycling with PT Ski

I had to drive out to Klosters in mid June with a bit of kit and to run a couple of small errands. It wouldn’t have been worth the effort if I was not obliged to go. I then alighted on the brainwave of suggesting to a couple of friends, Jonathan Botting and Ed Kilwick, …..

PT Ski were very pleased once again to be the organisers of the SWV Ski Challenge, a fun racing weekend raising much needed funds for the charity Supporting Wounded Veterans. We had 23 teams competing overall and this included 5 teams comprising of veterans who had been through the Charity’s programmes. We were also very …..

Snow Camp is an amazing national youth charity that helps young people from inner cities turn their lives around through skiing, snowboarding, life skills training, qualifications and work experience. Their approach is to engage young people by providing a year-long programme at artificial and indoor ski slopes in the UK. The time the young people …..

It’s scarcely past tea-time and I’ve just reluctantly put the heating on in my home in Sussex. It’s dark outside, and there’s a frost coming, I’m certain. Winter is on its way! As November unfolds, all skiers’ (and snowboarders’) eyes are on the heavens…wondering whether Mother Nature is going to deliver plentiful snow this winter. …..

Yesterday we were at day 1 of the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival in Battersea Park and as always there was a buzz of excitement as the countdown to winter continues. The place was packed with tourist boards from mountainous regions across the globe showing off their ski destinations, pop up shops selling everything imaginable …..

The Klosters Forum is a new initiative that brings people together to discuss and tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. The concept is to provide a platform which fosters and encourages participants to raise awareness of issues and discuss solutions. In July 2018, The Klosters Forum brought together 70 inspirational leaders to …..